Our Web Interface is in BETA

Our web site is now in BETA mode. Bands can signup for an account and get started updating their profile and adding Gigs.


What does BETA mean, anyway?

  • We are in test mode. We've been adding gigs but now we want bands to try it out!
  • Hoping for feedback and suggestions
  • You may find some issues or missing features
  • BUT...you can still add Gigs and be seen on the mobile app!


What happens when BETA is over?

  • It means BETA is over
  • Bands will continue with using the web interface
  • More features will be added
  • BETA Bands and future Bands will not be charged for using Bar Bands


Yeah, BUT when will you start charging the Bands?

  • We have no intention of ever charging bands for this service. We simply ask you to help us promote the app when you are at your gigs or beforehand when you are sharing your gigs to social media.
  • We have a few ideas for Bars to be able to use our service, but these are bigger features and services and will most likely involve fees to help with our development/server costs.


What else do you have planned?

  • We do have a lot of features and ideas for both the mobile app and the web site. We wanted to get something out so bands and their fans can start using it.


Stay Tuned!

-- The Bar Bands Team