How Does this work?

For Bands

  1. Request a FREE account! You will receive an email when we have you setup. Then...
  2. Complete your band profile (name, genre, picture, etc.)
  3. Add your gigs (you will now show up in our mobile app).
  4. Tell your fans that you are on the Bar Bands App. Here's a link so they can download it for free (Android and iOS):
  5. Remember to keep adding your gigs so your fans can find you. Our web interface makes it easy!


For Fans

  1. Download the app
  2. Ask your favorite band to get on Bar Bands because you like to listen to their music and drink some beers too


For Bars or Promoters

  1. Contact us to let us know you are interested


Email us at any time with ideas on making this a better service. We want to hear from you!


Some of the features of the mobile app:

  1. Find shows within 100 miles of where you are
  2. Share a show to your social media or tell a friend
  3. View details of a show such as where it's at or see details about the band
  4. Navigate to the show with a click of a button
  5. coming soon...beers/details about the bar
  6. more to come...